A flat and boring concrete surface is not pleasing to look at. If you’re a person who wants everything in his/her house to be aesthetically pleasing yet cost-effective way to spice up every corner, then you would love how stamped concrete will work.  

Stamped Concrete

Stamping any concrete surface, from driveways to patios is a great option. If you want to mimic the looks of stone or brick pavements, you can do so. Hiring professionals of Stamped Concrete Patios Kansas City is a good option too. But before you opt for this, read its advantages and disadvantages first.  


When we’re talking about durability, stamped concrete is great for spaces that receive less foot traffic. It’s easy to clean, and you can maintain its appearance by sweeping the dirt off and reapply the surface coating. Its advantage is that it easily scratches and cracks if there’s heavy load, like on the driveway where cars are parked and driven. Stamped concrete is best installed on patio, walkways and foot path where the load is not too heavy.  

Selections and Aesthetics 

The best advantage you can get from is the various possibilities of mixing patterns and colors. There isn’t a lack of possibilities, because there’s too many to choose from. Stamped concrete is available in different textures, patterns and colors. You can also mimic the appearance of stone, marble and lumber to make the space more aesthetically pleasing. If you want a cost-friendly way to enhance the appearance of your concrete surface, this is the best option.  


The price of stamped concrete will depend on the patterns and colors you’ll choose, and of course its size. But if we compare the price of stamped concrete to other surface options like pavers, the former is less costly. The difference is that, you’ll get more durability with pavers because it doesn’t easily settle or crack from stress. We always go by the saying that you get what you pay for.  


Installing stamped concrete is easy. It’s not as labor intensive as installing individual pavers. The process of installing stamped concrete involves mixing, pouring, adding colors and stamping. However, during this process, you should be careful because there’s a huge risk if you mixed the materials wrong. If the mixture has too much water, the possibility of having poor finish and rough edges is high. If the mixture is too dry, it’s prone to cracking and bulging. The installation might be too easy, but the mixing and stamping should be done carefully.  


With the maintenance aspect, all we can give is the advantage side. It’s because it will only take you sweeping and reapplying coating to keep its appearance. There will be no grass growing in between spaces, and it also doesn’t have settling issues during winter seasons. You won’t spend too much on maintenance, so it’s really cost-friendly. Resealing the surface is not also labor intensive or costly, because you can do it every 3-5 years. Stamped concrete is actually really worth its price.