Roofing is one of the most important parts of the house. For housings or homes roofing has multiple functionalities you may even not be aware of. But all of its function serves one purpose and that is to provide protection for both inside and outside the house. 

Here are some of the functions and purposes of a roof: 

  1. Your protection 

The main goal of a roofing is to provide the people living under its shade and protection from the elements outside that can cause them harm. There are a lot of weather conditions that can affect humans like rain, sunshine and others, and the roof basically protects you from it and as obvious as it seems, if you consider a house without a roof then it’s not technically a house, it’s just a wall. The roof is your main defense of protection, even if your home doesn’t have walls, as long as it has a big roof you know you’re protected rain or shine.  

      2. Your properties’ protection 

Humans are not the only ones your roof is protecting, your properties as well. Obviously, furniture and home appliances are not waterproof or sun proof, your properties can get damaged if it’s exposed to unruly weather and not having a roof will further ruin these properties of yours. The weather or exposure to direct sunlight and other weather conditions can also affect the interior of your home, it can damage your doors and even your walls.  

      3. Protection from the weather 

Roof flashing is one of the techniques that G&O Roofing Company uses so that the roof is designed to protect not only the interior part of the home but also its exterior. If it’s raining and the roof of the house does not cover the exterior walls then the water can cause damage to the joints of the house and the exterior walling. If there is flashing on the roofing of the house then there would be protection from the potential water damage that can be caused by the rain. The gutters and downspouts installed together with the flashing will carry the water and drain it into a proper area where in it can be absorbed properly.  


A roof is like a gigantic rain cover or umbrella that is deflecting all of the potential harm away from you, your home, your properties and everything under it. It deflects and sustains any possible damage that can affect anyone under it. One possible way of stopping a roof from doing its job is if its exposed to very strong winds and that it removes the roof shingles. Also, if there is multiple exposure to water this can damage the roofing especially if it has holes and possible roof leaks.  

In order for you to properly maintain your roofing, you will need to have it checked by a roofing company or roofing professional so that they will be able to determine early on in the process if your roof needs a repair or replacement.